Increase Brand Visibility: Connect SEO with Social Media Marketing

Anshul Bansal |

15th April 2021

Social media and SEO services are two vital elements of a successful branding campaign. The digital marketing domain is always abuzz about how social media can positively impact a brand’s visibility in search engine results. Certain social network activities can indirectly influence the website’s ranking.
Social platforms offer businesses more credibility and visibility- two factors that Google uses for ranking. Brand mentions and internal/external links via social media go a long way in boosting site visibility on search engines.
The more active the business is on social media, the greater the presence will be on the search engine- the social profile often shows up on the results when the brand’s name is searched for.?
In this article, we’ve enlisted a few actionable strategies to boost brand visibility by integrating SEO with social media marketing.?

Attract the right followers

Followers on social media platforms are similar to links in the SEO domain, quality matters. Refrain from buying followers for your account. Instead, focus on developing a strong social presence, encouraging users to follow the page for special offers, and providing valuable content.?
A massive, high-quality social following can lead to higher visibility and website traffic, resulting in increased ROI.?

Include important information in the profile

In the past few years, social platforms have transformed into search engines. Potential customers tend to look for a company’s contact information on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Google also uses this data to generate profiles with relevant details such as reviews and posts for the search queries.?
Customer feedback is an important aspect of SEO. Reviews on Facebook and other social platforms tend to boost rating visibility. This positively influences the brand visibility and assists in gaining new customers.?
If the company employees use their social accounts to promote the business or are considered thought leaders of the industry, then they should also optimize their profiles with relevant information. Including such information can be quite useful for Google when users are searching for specific people who work for the company, like trying to find the CFO or head of HR.?

Boost brand awareness?

Social channels have an indirect impact on SEO by increasing brand recognition that drives organic traffic to the website. Customers today learn about brands and products directly from social media - by searching for them or by following influencer accounts who promote them.?
Brands should diversify their reach by leveraging various social media platforms to interact with different customer segments. Each channel offers businesses a unique set of demographics to engage with. For instance, Instagram and LinkedIn users have entirely different preferences and intents for using them.??
Crafting content specifically for every platform can assist brands in growing their followership by connecting with wider audiences. Businesses should take advantage of these channels and figure out how to integrate content into their sales strategy to boost brand visibility and drive traffic to their website.?

Promote relevant links with links through social media

Sharing content through social accounts can boost brand viability, the audience often shares content that they find interesting with their followers. It establishes the brand’s credibility and online presence while simultaneously reaching wider audiences.?
The type of content shared by brands on social media plays a crucial role in boosting the audience engagement rate. Users follow a brand or share a post if they find the content useful, creative, and insightful.?
People unfollow the account if they post content that is not relevant to them or if it didn’t match the brand’s personality. Filler content negatively impacts the company’s engagement rates. When they share posts that don’t resonate with the target audience, the follower count tends to decrease. Therefore, businesses should focus on content relevancy to grow engagement numbers, which will boost their visibility and website traffic.?

Wrapping Up!

Businesses need to broaden their concept of search and SEO to take into account different ways that people look for and consume content online. They should also consider the positive impact that the traffic from the social network has on the brand’s visibility and its SERP ranking. A digital marketing agency can assist you by developing a marketing campaign that is the perfect combination of SEO and social media marketing strategies to boost brand visibility. For expert guidance, contact us here.