6 Steps To Generating Quality Leads For New Real Estate Agents

Heena Shah |

23rd April 2021

Starting as a real estate agent can be intimidating. How can you land your first customer with no prior experience? When you don't have any client success stories to tell, how do you produce leads??

The good news is that every other agent was once where you are now. And thousands of them have successfully created real estate companies. They have a wealth of wisdom to impart to us. Some of these lessons will be shared in this blog post, as well as a guide to producing leads as a new real estate agent.?

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What is lead generation in the realm of real estate?

Lead generation is attracting and turning prospective customers into buyers who are interested in your company's product or service. Simply put, the same marketing rules that apply to several industries- apply to real estate. And lead generation is an important part of any real estate marketing strategy.

Finding the best resources, as well as incorporating various customer service techniques in real estate lead generation can be a tedious task. That’s why we recommend you to equip your new real estate business with a slew of new lead-generation strategies by hiring a real estate digital marketing services expert. Follow the tactics mentioned below to generate quality leads for your business.


Leverage Positive Customer Feedback

Customer reviews and testimonials are a perfect way to build your credibility by enabling your results to speak for themselves. Establish a review page on your website, share testimonials on major real estate sites, and create videos with customer reviews to explore both internal and external options.


Use Social Media To Increase Traffic And Awareness

As modern marketing has become increasingly digital, posting social media content has become an essential part of every marketer's strategy. The following are some of the most valuable outlets to consider: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.?

While LinkedIn is the obvious option for professional networking. Instagram and Twitter will help you generate a lot of traffic and visibility. Facebook Ads are another low-cost lead generation option, with the Custom Audiences feature enabling you to target existing leads in your database.


Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

Did you know that 73% of homeowners choose a real estate agent who offers to make a video for them? Videos bring in two to three times as many visitors to an agent's website, and they spend twice as much time there. Listing videos are the most valuable types of content for real estate, as they highlight the best features of your listings both inside and out.


Engage with Your Leads Constantly

So what sort of content works best for engaging leads? We have come up with two of the best ways to reach out to your leads. Each focusing on a different type of knowledge.

  • Newsletter- This can be a great way to send out updates to your potential leads daily, such as interest and mortgage rates, as well as your best listings.
  • Blog- This is an excellent interactive resource that can easily be added to your website as a tab. Regardless of the medium, the aim is to provide prospects with useful insight into buying or selling a home in your market while maintaining a personal touch.

Real estate website development?

There's no better way for realtors to display MLS (Multiple Listing Services) listings than with an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) powered website. Fresh MLS listings are syndicated directly to the web using IDX technology. Hence allowing leads to see all the available property listings in your region.

Real estate website development includes not only functionality but you need to focus on design as well. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly along with stunning visuals. Since the number of people using smartphones to search for their dream home is constantly rising. We recommend seeking help from a real estate website design company that can do a mobile-responsive real estate website development.

Features, such as a blog page, client testimonials, social media links, content update deals, and even community news, can all help to tie your site together as the core of your online lead generation strategy.

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Excellent Customer Service

One of the most effective marketing strategies for a real estate agent is an emphasis on delivering the best customer service possible. This starts at the very first stage of the buyer’s journey.

An initial investment in providing them with a customised experience, whether online or in person, is a great way to pique customer's attention. Therefore, inspiring them to take the next step toward a decision. This will help you develop your credibility in the long run because happy customers will leave good feedback and references.


To sum up….

Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate sector. Give these techniques a shot and see how they work for you.  

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